Green Laser Diode provides detailed technical information about green laser diode components and modules.  Our component products include 510nm (60mW) and 520nm (50mW) green laser diodes.  We also have IQ, PNF, and PM green laser modules for medical, instrumentation, machine vision, & more applications.  Power Technology, Inc. (PTI) designs, manufactures, and distributes laser diode products for OEM analytical, biomedical, semiconductor inspection, defense, security, machine vision, and industrial applications.

Green Laser Diodes including a 510nm 60mW  diode and a  520nm 50mW diode

Green Laser Diodes

Green Laser Modules including IQ, PNF, and GPD green laser modules for medical, instrumentation, and machine vision applications.

Green Laser Diode Modules

Other Green Lasers including DPSS (Diode-Pumped Solid State) lasers.

Other Green Lasers